Fulltime Staff (employed)

Andreas Boppert

My name is Andreas Boppert and I am a baker. 
Teresa of Avila once said: “Our God is worthy to be sought all the days of our lives.” This is my zeal in my life. I want to be in the house of prayer all the time and waste my life for Jesus.  My goal is to be transformed into his image. I am excited that God uses my prayers and intercession to change history.




Eva & Johannes Molzahn

We work fulltime in the house of prayer, because God means everything to us. We dream of an ongoing 24/7 prayer house in Berlin and we want to be part of it.





Gabriela Wunderlich


Worship and intercession is on my heart already for a long time. God alone is worthy, that we praise him day and night and make room for his presence. Besides this every one of us is standing in a spiritual battle and first of all through our prayers we will be victorious and influence our surrounding.


Parttime Staff (employed)


Laura Mattes

born 1994 in Morscheid (bei Trier)

I work part time at the house of prayer and it's my heart to serve there. I love spending hours in His presence and to simply be before Him. It fascinates me to see that the Lord is raising up houses of prayer all across the world and I'm more than excited to be a part in this .



The leadership of the house of prayer consists of six young adults. They met in 2010 and received the vision of 24/7 prayer in Berlin. Johannes is a member of the leadership team and since April 2013 he is on fulltime staff. Elisabeth and Sandra are parttime staff. Eva is fulltime staff since March 2014. Tobias and Manuel are working in their regular jobs.

Staff Members

Staff Members
Our staff members play a very important role in the house of prayer. Men and women, young and old are leading sessions. They are praying with their whole heart and support the house of prayer.
Many staff members are committed to their local churches and transport the vision of never ending prayer to their sisters and brothers. The staff members are attending two prayer sessions minimum per month. They also join the regular staff meetings.If you like to participate please contact: